Angel Credit Card

If you know anything about Victoria’s Secret you know how they just love going over the top with every little and big thing that they do. Not that it's hard to stay in the media for selling underwear that is proudly paraded around by supermodels on runways around the world. The marketing team of Victoria’s Secret have certainly done an awesome job at staying perhaps the number one place for "fine undergarments" if that can be created as a description. When it came to them making a splash for their Angel Credit Card, you just already know they are going all out with that as well. Their Angel Credit Card has four tiers which are as follows: Angel Card, PINK Angel Card, VIP Angel Card and the Angel Forever Credit Card. After you become a holder of the Angel Credit Card, you will be able to collect points as well and gain rewards in the Victoria Secrets stores. There is even an Angel Forever Panel that you could be invited to take part in as well as some private sales events that are offered to people on different tiers in their Angel Credit Card system.

Something that you need to know about the PINK Angel Card is that you can only find that card in certain exclusive PINK outlets. What you need to know about the VIP Angel Card is that you are only brought up to that level of member status after being able to accomplish having collected 500 points using your Angel Credit Card. Finally, the Angel Forever Credit Card is the card status you would have reached once you have collected at least 1,000 points with the Angel Credit Card. Let us not forget as well, when you move up the member statuses that you will be gaining more and more rewards and perks as you go higher on the tiers.


The APR for the Angel Credit Card isn't a beautiful sight to see in the least, but that seems to be a going standard among cards of this type. The best way to benefit from the Angel Credit Card is to make sure that you are always current in making your payments and always keeping guard on your card and account access.

Every type of merchandising card has their own sets of promotions that they do in order to keep things interesting. The Angel Credit Card definitely makes sure that they are always on top of their game when it comes to making sure everyone no matter what tier you're on knows what’s going on for all of their members. Pretty much all of their frequent shoppers are really appreciating the Angel Credit Card. Victoria's Secret really has their own special way of making sure all of their customers are feeling awesome about their shopping experiences. The case of the Angel Credit Card seems to be a case of benefits and customer relations beating out even a horrible APR which says a lot. The Angel Credit Card is for everyone who loves Victoria's Secret and what they stand for when it comes to very nice underwear for women. If you don't really care for their products, the Angel Credit Card is of no use to you.